What do we need to get married?

What areas do you service?

Do you offer any specials or discounts?

We’d love to book your services. How we do it?

Are deposits refundable?

Can we make changes once we already booked?

Do you ever offer rehearsals?

Do you include kids in ceremonies?

What happens if it rains?


  • We have a whole page to help you get situated with a marriage license in the state of Florida, check it out.
  • Our primary are is in South Florida, our secondary is at the keys, if you want to get married on outside areas, we’ll travel all over Florida.
  • Contact us; whatever means is easy for you.
  • If the wedding is cancelled or you wish to go with different services, the deposit will not be returned.
  • Yes of course, please let us know if you want any additions, subtractions, or any changes in your service order.
  • Not always, but we can add one if needed.
  • Absolutely, we got several ideas on how to include children in your wedding ceremony.
  • Most rainstorms only last for a few minutes; we just need to wait and then continue the ceremony as planned.